Magento Patch installation service

In short, we patch all security issues and vulnerabilities in Magento 1.x Core that we are aware of and install all Magento 1.x security patches your store need at once for the same price.
In details, we check current state, verify already applied patches, local overrides and install the following [expand to details]
Magento security patch installation process is usually completed within two-four hours:

View sample transcript of patching by our tech in action

  • you submit the request form and initiate the payment
  • we connect to your servers and verify the information and Magento state
  • we check for all already applied patches, extensions installed and its state
  • we backup all files to be patched
  • we disable Magento compiler (if needed)
  • we apply all needed security patches one by one solving any possible issues that may arise
  • we patch all local overrides that were skipped during patch installation
  • we flush PHP opcode cache (if needed)
  • we apply fixes for known compatibility issues that may arise after patch installation
  • we notify you about the process completion

Hassle-free Schedule any time Instant Rollback Professional service

Frequently Asked Questions: click for details

This form will initiate installation process of all latest security patches for your Magento store (namely, SUPEE-10975, SUPEE-10888, SUPEE-10752, SUPEE-10570v2, SUPEE-10415, SUPEE-10266, SUPEE-10336, SUPEE-9767 v2, SUPEE-9652, SUPEE-8788, SUPEE-7405v1.1, SUPEE-7405, SUPEE-6788, SUPEE-6482, SUPEE-6285, SUPEE-5994, SUPEE-5344, SUPEE-3941, SUPEE-3762 and ZF-212 (APPSEC-212).

What is your e-mail address?

What is the main domain of your Magento store?

How should we access your servers? SSH (the most efficient) or any other access to store files (via FTP, WebFileManager, cPanel, Plesk, ISPadmin, Directadmin, Webmin or any other). Alternatively, you can send it by email in reply to initial ticket response.

After patch installation we can perform additional tasks to secure your store

 Restrict access to downloader (details)
 Change Backend path from /admin/ to (details)
 Restrict access to MagMI tool (details)
 Update EM Ajaxproducts to fix EM Ajaxproducts RCE vulnerability
 Patch Cart2Quote extension to close Cart2Quote RCE vulnerability
 Patch MD Quickview extension to close MD Quickview RCE vulnerability

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JFYI: You can grant the access as usual (by providing IP-address/username/password specification for login above) or use the following public DSA key by adding it to your .ssh/authorized_keys file:
Magento Patch installation service
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  • Paul Wallace


    Majento recommends that the 6788 patch is installed on test server first. Does that mean that I need to pay twice, or can you provide the fixes for the modules that the patch breaks (I have 24 I think)? Or is it included for you to replicate what you do to the test site on the live one?

    • magentary

      Installation on test server is accounted as a separate installation. Usually, we work with systems in production. Some installations to test servers were replicated to production by deployment systems used with these test servers. We do not do any replication from one server to another. If you are certain that the extensions require some fixes, I would suggest you to upgrade these extensions or contact the extension developers for these fixes. We do not update or fix any third-party extensions, unless the only fix required is permission whitelisting or admin route correction.
      Based on previous installations, the most of modules are working correctly as compatibility mode is enabled by default and can be disabled later at any point after upgrading extensions.

  • Faye Pinner


    Our website is basically split into two.

    We have two websites under the same domain.

    One website is for our retail customers, and the other for our wholesale customers where orders are sent to our distributors.

    I want to know if the security patch update service can manage this?

    And if I will be charge twice for the two websites?

    I have tried multiple times to contact Magentary through the support form, however have not received any replies.

    I really need to know, as if this is not possible I need to find a web developer.

    • magentary

      Single multistore Magento install on one or several domains is accounted as one installation. Two separate Magento installations on one or several domains (with sub-folders or subdomains) are accounted as two installations.
      As a general rule, patch installation is charged for every Magento installation (standalone or multistore) on any number of domains.

  • Asha

    Hi I think we really need help. I am not a developer and did try to apply patches 1533 and 5345.
    I downloaded patches and using FTP moved them from desktop to root directory.
    However when I ran the patch in the browser it came up with this, the hosting provider will not help.
    passthru() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/jewelman/public_htm

    Happy to purchase your service if you can help.

    • magentary

      We can apply all patches via FTP or any other access to filesystem, passthru or shellexec PHP functions are not required.

  • Jaspreet Singh


    I have just made an purchase please let me know when can you complete.
    I would like if you can get it done by today. Please keep me updated on it.

    My Site Magento Version is

    • magentary

      Thank you for the request, however we would not be able to assist you with this task.
      Payment transaction is rolled back, all funds should be returned to your account.

      • Jaspreet Singh

        Yeah but why ? you are offering services right ? 1st you have taken entire access and now not willing to do ?

        • magentary

          We prefer to stay away from such adventures. Fixing broken things after incompetent Indian staff is not the service we provide.

          • Jaspreet Singh

            Really, you offer a service and then you are unable to do. Clearly who are incompetent.
            Secondly, who said its broken ??? you guys are paid for a task when you guys can’t do it blame others.
            Admit it!! when you can’t do some thing — that you are unable to do the task. Do not blame others ! So stay away from our site

  • Colin Brunton

    Just want to say thanks for carrying out the patch addition and getting us back running again! Extremely fast and friendly service. Will use again

  • Sharvari

    I have domain that is down right now and I was told by my hosting site that it is on Magento’s end. My site is getting a 500 error and I cannot login to my admin. Will you be able to fix the problem?

  • BV USA

    If I had a website that had to upgraded to the latest version of Magento and also have the missing patches applied, is there a price for both together?

  • Rahul M


    Made the payment today for SUPEE-ALL. Although haven’t received any order confirmation.

    Transaction ID: 8Y36776698626364V
    Kindly let us know when can we start on this.

    Magento Ver

    • magentary

      It seems there were no any access details submitted regarding this transaction, so it has been refunded in full. All funds should be returned to your account.

      • Rahul M

        Sorry, i was expecting to get a link to ticket system or a email for credentials.

        I do not want a refund, kindly advice how can we proceed for the installation.

  • Goetz

    Thank you for the professional service and for fixing some extra issues without charging for that. We will definitely come back to you and can recommend your service with no doubt.

  • Carl

    Outstanding service – I can’t recommend these guys enough. Patches applied and malware removed same day with no issues, and great communication.

  • Fabio Silva

    Hello, I would like to discuss the patch installation service before? How can we talk?

  • vikas Chauhan

    Can you please share the zip file of Patch SUPEE 8788 and 9767 of magento 1.6.1 version

  • Gabriel Joussef

    Hi there. If you take a look into your “SUPEE-10266 without SSH” page, you’ll notice that there is no download for version. Can you please fix that, or it doesn’t exist at all? Thanks.

  • Philippe

    Hey there. We submitted an order for patching. Have you received our SSH info? [MRY#17101230014]. Let us know if you need anything else.

    .: pl

    • magentary

      According to our records patch installation in ticket #17101230014 has been completed already the same day. Please check incoming messages from our side and please let us know if you have not received these messages, so we can resend it.

  • James Groth

    Is this service still active guys ?

    • magentary

      Yes, it is active.