Magento upgrade service


We charge $150 for every version upgrade.

Magento CE versions: 1.4.х; 1.5.х; 1.6.х; 1.7.х; 1.8.x; 1.9.x

Example:Upgrade from to 1.9.3 takes one step; price is $150
Upgrade from to latest stable 1.x version ( at the moment) takes 3 steps; so upgrade price is $450.

For your consideration

  • Some extensions can stop working on new versions of Magento. It is possible that updates or fixes will be needed for such extensions.
  • There is a chance that not all of claimed features of new Magento version will be available on your current theme.

Fixing of such problems is not included in the upgrade base rate.

Upgrade procedure

After receiving all necessary technical information about the server, and after payment we start developing upgrade path for your Magento installation:

  • You provide us the latest backup file (or we can prepare and download it according to your instructions)
  • We restore the backup file on our test servers to prepare Staging Environment
  • We develop and perform upgrade of your store in Staging Environment and solve any problems that occurred during upgrade
  • When upgrade path is developed and installation is upgraded, you can verify the upgraded version and test all aspects of upgraded version. Any extensions that does not work correctly or require fixes are documented and quoted, upgraded to a newer version if available or disabled
  • If you are satisfied with upgraded version in Staging Environment, we schedule with you upgrade of your production store according to our upgrade path. During live-store upgrade it should be switched to maintenance mode and put out of order. The process usually takes 1-2 hours.
  • When upgrade is completed, Staging environment is deleted

If your store was compromised or infected with malware, please mention this in additional details field.

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  • Peter Vowels

    Here’s the letter I wrote after a successful upgrade:
    Hi xxxx,
    That is simply amazing.
    I have spent days and hours looking for a solution for a the other problem I mentioned.
    You found and fixed it straight away.
    If you ever do an ‘upgrade/transfer’ to Magento 2, please let me know. It will be the next step at some point.

    I am so happy I found you.
    Sometimes it’s difficult to know who to use and what their skill level is. I’m more than impressed.
    If you need more money for the extra work, just send me a pay link.
    I am very happy to do this in appreciation.
    Also, I will post a comment on your blog.

    You can deploy any time now. The site is not being presently used a lot.
    I was getting it ready for an upcoming function.
    You will no doubt put a maintenance flag on it.
    For now, thank you again for all your good work. Have a great weekend.

    All the very best
    Peter from Australia