Magento SSL configuration service

In August 2014 Google has introduced HTTPS as a new ranking factor, so stores with SSL enabled are getting more visitors from Google


Use our service to implement strong SSL for your Magento store. If you have no SSL certificate, we issue a new domain verified SSL certificate for your store on our own. The procedure is as follows:Magento SSL lock
  • you submit the SSL certificate installation request with this form
  • we verify access details and issue a new SSL certificate if needed
  • when all SSL files are ready, we notify you about starting installation process
  • we configure your web-server to use your new SSL certificate
  • we configure Magento to use SSL for admin, checkout and frontend if needed (according to your request)
  • we verify the installation with industry standard Qualys SSL test and provide you the verification link
  • you confirm the installation
In case of unsatisfactory results and incapable/shared web-server that we can not configure properly, payment transaction is rolled back (full refund).

This form will initiate the SSL certificate installation procedure.

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Folder on your Magento installation where we can find the SSL certificate to be installed
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