Magento performance review & optimization service

47% of consumers expect the page to be loaded in 2 seconds or less 40% abandon website that loads in 3 seconds or more a 1 second delay (or 3 seconds of waiting) decreases customer satisfaction by 16% a 1 second delay in page response result in a 7% reduction in conversion if store is making at least $1000 per day, a 1 second delay in page response will cost you at least $24500 per year

source: KISSmetrics

The goal of our Magento performance review and optimization service is to reduce Magento page loading time for visitors and decrease server load releasing wasted resources.

The process

  1. You submit the form below providing your store URL and your email address
  2. We prepare performance review report and send it to your email address
  3. You review the report, confirm proposed actions and goals, target audience, timeframe and access info
  4. We apply the configuration changes, measure resulting improvements and send a final quotation
  5. You review the results and submit the payment according to the quotation provided


The pricing is targeted towards results and is based on final page scores from third-party service where it is possible. For generic page speed, Magento TTFB and CSS/JS improvements resulting price is measured by Google’s Page Speed score:
Resulting Google’s Page Speed score price
below 80/100 not charged
above 80/100 $80
above 90/100 $150
above 98/100 $450
For image optimization service processing price depends on total size of images processed:
Size of media folder price
under 2GB $30
under 15GB $40
under 100GB $50

This form will initiate performance review process for your Magento store.

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