NOV 12 2015

Magento Reset Password page is blank after SUPEE-6788

Problem description

Reset password page is blank (Magento WSOD) or results in Fatal error after installing SUPEE-6788 patch or upgrade to Magento version. It is possible to enter email address and request a new password, but clicking on the link in password reset email results in empty page (Magento WSOD).


SUPEE-6788 patch and Magento version changed customer_account_resetpassword section in themes for customer layout to customer_account_changeforgotten and your custom theme overrides base theme layout file layout/customer.xml.


  • update app/design/frontend/your_theme_package/your_theme_name/layout/customer.xml file for your theme as shown in diff below (your_theme_package/your_theme_name is the name of your theme):
    @@ -155,3 +155,3 @@
    -    <customer_account_resetpassword translate="label">
    +    <customer_account_changeforgotten translate="label">
             <label>Reset a Password</label>
    @@ -174,5 +174,5 @@
             <reference name="content">
    -            <block type="customer/account_resetpassword" name="resetPassword" template="customer/form/resetforgottenpassword.phtml"/>
    +            <block type="customer/account_changeforgotten" name="changeForgottenPassword" template="customer/form/resetforgottenpassword.phtml"/>
    -    </customer_account_resetpassword>
    +    </customer_account_changeforgotten>
  • alternatively, delete app/design/frontend/your_theme_package/your_theme_name/layout/customer.xml from your theme, in such case defaults from base theme will be used

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Magento Reset Password page is blank after SUPEE-6788
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  • Emil

    Thank you!!

  • Jonathan Goodwin

    Good fix thank you :-)

  • Andrew Cressie

    Thanks very much for this solution. Got me out of a hole :-)

  • Paul Johnson

    Fixed my issue on 1.7.2. Thanks!

  • Sangat Pedas

    Confirmed fix on Magento ver., thx a lot!

  • Rafael Corrêa Gomes ♛

    Fix u/

  • Alex Coulstring

    This restored bringing the Reset Password page back but when I click “Reset A Password” it just refreshes the same page??

  • Ra Jian

    I am having the similar issue as mentioned by Alex Coulstring. I also read that Re-Compilation of store is required, which I have also done, but issue remains same.

  • alanc1103

    thank you very much

  • Sonya

    Thankyou so much! Fixed my issue in two seconds flat!

  • Martin Madsen

    Love it. Thanks Guys :)

  • JT

    As someone else already pointed out this fixed the bug with upgrade to Magento ver.

  • Kiran

    fixed on Magento

  • Jan Zikmund

    Thanks a lot, works nicely :)

  • Alvaro Adair


  • Dave Hook

    Probably goes without saying but you need to clear the magento cache after making the change to this file, THEN it works :)