JAN 13 2015

[solution] Magento :: Changes not applied

When you stuck why your configuration changes have no effect in Magento, try the following steps:

  • make sure that you have applied changes for correct Configuration Scope / store / store view and there are no overrides on lower level (see how)
  • Flush Magento cache at System > Cache Management
  • rebuild indexes at System > Index Management
  • Disable Magento compiler and clear compiled cache (details)
  • flush PHP opcode cache (APC/XCache/eAccelerator)
  • clear your browser caches
  • forcibly reload page in your browser or try it from another browser / computer
  • if this is related to image/css/js update: give a new name to the image/css/js file to pass through various CDN caches between webserver and your browser
If these steps you still see stale data, please describe the issue in details in comments, so we can find a solution together.

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[solution] Magento :: Changes not applied
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