Magento Patch installation FAQ

Will my website experience downtime during the installation? If so, for how long?
There are no any downtime expected during installation, the process is usually completed within 4 hours. However is possible to catch certain moments during this interval when certain blocks are not shown or some buttons or forms can not be submitted, especially when access is provided via FTP only and we can not apply all changes immediately as with SSH access. Therefor we recommend to confirm the most preferred timeframe for the installation, so we can perform this task when store is mostly idle.
Can you install PHP 5.4 compatibility patch as well?
Yes, sure, please just mention it in additional details field in the installation request form. No any additional charges needed for that.
Does your patch application service do enough testing to ensure there are no problems due to the updates ?
We use checklist for our patch installation service which include tests for all known issues that we are aware of and manually verify index page, CMS page, catalog pages (category and product), checkout page and new account registration form.
What if my store is compromissed or infected with malware?
If your store was compromised or infected with malware, please mention this in additional details field and prepare to restore it from the latest backup prior to patch installation. We will confirm the schedule with you and will install patches right after backup restoration.
What if you fail to apply patches?
It is unlikely. In the event of unsatisfactory results (there were two such cases to the moment), we revert patched files from backup and roll back the payment transaction (full refund issued to your account).
How much would it cost to install failed patches for 10266 & 8788?
In short, cost is same for all patches or any single patch, you can see it on our patch installation page. In details,
  • Online testing tools like Magereport or our testing tool use just a few externally visible attributes to check for installed patches and can not guarantee consistency. It is possible (and, unfortunately, we very often have to deal with it) when some patches are applied only partially, just to “make all checks green”, some files are patched, other files are still unpatched and, obviously, it makes no sense and complicates any further patch installation as new patches rely on old one and every file should be patched correctly.
  • If Magereport says 8788 is missing, but 9767 is installed, we know that installation is likely broken as it is not possible to install 9767 cleanly without 8788, so we have to correct it and at least, rollback partially applied 9767 to install 8788 and after that apply 8788, 9767 and finally 10266. Often, it is broken even earlier, at 6788 or 7405.
  • We know how to “make it all green” without any actual patching
  • We do not rely on any external tools to check consistency of currently installed patches and check every file from all patches that needs to be patched for exact version, including local overrides (not included in patches)
  • We use standard checklist for any installation to check every patch and bring in consistency and only after that we apply missing patches. It takes up to 4 hours to verify and correct partially applied or broken patches and only one minute to correctly apply all patches to consistent installation.

I had installed a lot of patches, but the most recent ones, I can´t do it. I thing it´s because I had change some original files when I made the store. Can you patch my site without breaking it?
Yes, sure, that is exactly what our patch service is designed for. We correct any errors or inconsistency that prevents patch installation, so we should be able to install all patches in any case. Log file of previous unsuccessful patch installation can be helpful.
Will any of the patches modify theme or look and feel as some modifications were made for this store?
Yes, some patches can affect theme look and feel and we apply special corrections when needed.
I have a custom theme, will be there no issue with patches in example form key
During our patch installation process we patch custom themes as well in addition to base themes, so there are no any special issues expected. In example, we add all formkey fields to templates in custom themes, change layout of resetpassword link (otherwise password reset function is broken after SUPEE-6788) and whitelist all custom CMS block in permission tables after SUPEE-6788
Do you offer volume discounts for multiple sites? I have 5 sites that I need patched.
No, there are no any volume discounts available. Every patch installation can be ordered separately from our patch installation page.
How to grant access?
To grant us access you can send username / password / IP-address of the server in request form or in reply to initial ticket message. Alternatively, you can install our public SSH key via cPanel > SSH access > Manage keys and provide cPanel username in reply to to the initial ticket message message. If you need to encrypt your message to us, please use SSL certificate signed any email from our side. Our public SSH key is as follows: