MAR 16 2018

Magento Customer login does not work in Chrome browser

Problem description Customers can not login into Magento with Chrome browser, the login page just reloads without any errors or warnings. Customer Login in other browsers and admin backend login function properly. Cause Magento sets extra session cookie that overrides… Read the rest

FEB 28 2018

HTML tags are not allowed in SKU attribute

Problem description HTML tags are not allowed in SKU attribute error is thrown on attempt to edit product in Magento backend at Catalog > Manage products > Product page. Cause SKU attribute value contains HTML tags and it is not… Read the rest

FEB 01 2016

Magento registration form does not work after SUPEE-6788

Problem description After SUPEE-6788 patch budnle or after upgrade to Magento customer registration form does not work correctly. Submitting the form have no any results just like page is simply refreshed, new customer accounts are not created. Cause SUPEE-6788… Read the rest